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How Can a Math Tutor Help?

For many students, Math tends to top the list of the most dreaded subjects. Whether it is the way Math has been taught to students in the past or a lack of foundational knowledge, students tend to perceive Math as an intimidating and complex subject. Like reading, majority of the people are born with the ability to do Math and also be successful at it.

If your student is struggling in math, it doesn’t have to be an entirely overwhelming experience for them. A tutor could help your student to study and feel more relaxed with the subject. Our educational directors can help you find a math tutor in Toronto, for your struggling student.

Math builds on itself each lesson, which means that your student could fall behind quickly if they don’t understand something. Misunderstandings can leave gaps in your child’s education that will be difficult to fill in later grades. For example, without understanding multiplication and division, factoring can be a challenge to learn. Math tutoring in Toronto can help your student to have fewer gaps and progress through their lessons effectively. A problem for many students in the math classroom is the lack of individual attention.

Teachers in school may have dozens of children to teach, so it can be nearly impossible for them to give your child the attention they need. A personal tutor, however, can meet one-on-one with your student and answer their questions as they arise.

Mastering Math – It All Adds Up

Since 2001, The Tutoring Expert has been empowering students in Toronto with the knowledge that Math is easy and can be fun. Our supportive and nurturing learning environment has helped each and every student achieve and surpass their academic goals for Mathematics.

To be good at Math students require a solid foundational knowledge of the basics. Students with weak basic Math skills in either Number sense and operation, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, or Data Analysis will find the subject confusing. Since Math relies on these basic building blocks, concepts that are taught without ample knowledge of the above, will not be well absorbed, hence creating a vicious cycle of hate and anxiety towards the subject.

Between school work, extracurricular activities, and homework, your child likely has a busy schedule. The Tutoring Expert can help you find a Toronto math tutor who could fit your lifestyle. If your student wants to meet in the library or at home, their tutor can come to them. They can meet with their tutor when and where it works best for them, in person or face-to-face online. With the help of a tutor, your child could begin working toward their math goals.

Our experienced team will:
  • Help identify and fill any gaps in your child’s elementary Mathematical foundation. Since we work with each individuals own pace, the process is effective in motivating your child to learn faster than is possible in a classroom or group setting and also in alleviating past anxiety associated with understanding Math.
  • Your child’s confidence in Math will only continue with soar with our weekly sessions that ensure they are not falling behind.
  • The abstract nature of Math can tempt even the most brilliant student to question “why they need to learn Math in the first place?” We make Math fun by integrating it with hands on examples and show students how to apply Math in real life.
  • Ultimately, even with the most solid background knowledge, to be successful in Math requires consistent practice. At The Tutoring Expert, our staff will ensure your child has adopted effective study skills and is exposed to the perfect balance of homework practice and assessment opportunities.

We offer the following help in
Mathematics for Toronto Ontario students
  • Elementary Math: Grades K-8
  • High School Math: Grades 9-11 (Applied, Academic)
  • Grade 12 Math (Advanced Functions, Calculus & Vectors, Data Management)
  • University and College Math
Ian B.


My experience with The Tutoring Expert has been excellent. They quickly matched us with a great tutor. Communication has also been very good. Their excellent tutor has helped my daughter (5th grade) develop more confidence in her math work. – Ian B.

Sylvia L.


Nihta has been a great help in tutoring my daughter in grade 6 math. My Daughter struggles with ADHD as well as a learning disability and Nihta has been able to find a way to explain things and get through to her in a way that no one has been able to in the past. My daughter is more confident and it shows in her work. Thank you Tutoring Expert! – Sylvia L.

Kelly Z.

North York

My daughter is in grade 4 and was struggling with Math and Writing skills. We were introduced to a lovely tutor who has given my daughter her confidence back, she is thriving in both subjects. Thank you Tutoring Expert. – Kelly Z.

Lady in Toronto
Tamara M.


I found that their response time from answering my call to having a tutor ready for my daughter was amazingly fast. The Tutor was for Grade 10 Science + Math, she was super 🙂 – Tamara M.

We know Toronto is a large city and providing in-home and online tutoring services across all of the GTA is our goal. Give us a call and we will match your child with one of our private tutors in any Toronto neighborhood or suburb.

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