Building a Positive Relationship With Your Teacher

By Shelly Koren     It’s difficult for a student to create a decent relationship with both their teacher and their peers because of the surmounting pressure to stand out and appear popular. While developing socially is crucial to the school experience it should not undermine the value and significance of maintaining a good relationship […]

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Ipads In The Classroom

By Shelly Koren The inclusion of Ipads in the classroom has become a controversial one, as there is little research assessing how the brain of a child is affected by early exposure to them. There are researchers and educators that claim it as an effective tool to use in class, as it provides the students […]

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Cramming For Exams – A Bad Idea

Cramming for Exams – A Bad Idea By Shelly Koren Everyone has been confronted during their schooling with a difficult decision to make:Β Β  To study early for exams, or to watch another episode of their favourite Tv show. Β  It is definitely a hard decision to make, especially when exams seem so far away that […]

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Information About The EQAO

The EQAO exams which stands for Education Quality and Accountability Office is a test that aims to discover what level students are in based on their grade. These tests include reading, writing, and mathematics, which can be stressful for a student if they do not….

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